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A Simple, Powerful Idea
The more than two and a half billion people who live on less than $2 a day need a better way to save and borrow. Members save what they can in a communal pot and loan their growing fund to each other for their short-term needs. Jeffrey Ashe and Kyla Jagger Neilan illustrate how these savings groups form and function and how little “outside” support is actually required for their success. Savings groups are a “catalytic innovation” that bypasses subsidies, dependency, and high costs while effectively increasing food security, building assets, and empowering the community. Today, saving groups have 10 million members around the globe – with minimal support, membership could grow to ten times this number. Check out the recent piece in the New York Times on savings groups and Jeffrey Ashe.

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2 responses to “the book

  1. Congratulations Pro. Jeffe Ashe on the new model of savings combined with cash transfers. I have confirmed that savings in groups is the best model as compared with Microfinance. Looking at Joywo groups in Kenya, the savings groups are bound to excel.


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